So many new friends in UB

Mongolia’s capital, Ulaanbaatar is one of the biggest travellers meeting points in the Trans-Mongolian route. We met soooo many nice people and had just a wonderful time. Sadly our stop there was only couple of nights.

We’ve noticed that traveling is one of the best ways to make new contacts. We can definitely say that we were lucky to be at the journey the same time as you guys. And you are welcome to Finland any time. Just contact us on Facebook. 🙂

Sad thing that our journey lasts for only 5 weeks. In Finland we thought that it’ll be plenty, but here it seems like it’s not even closely enough. Lots of people travel for 6 months or even more. One of our first new friends in UB had his next calendar marking on February 2015 and that was as well abroad. Admirable!

Thank you all! Two girls from Norway which of one of them has ridden a horse all her life and the other was scared of horses, Juuso who not only shared the same name with me, but also the same home town. Maggy and Martin who smiled the whole time and a German lady who just became my personal hero. Charlotte who got engaged to Michael in Mongolia. Vanessa and Alice and the French guys who spoke good English and the group of 60 to 65-year-old Finnish men who didn’t let the truth spoil a good story. And many many others.

Although our journeys cross here, thanks to Facebook we can follow each others traveling. Hope to hear from you and to see you in Finland or wherever !



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